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Rick Wild

  Rick is signed to all our record labels. A selection of his hits can be sampled and/or purchased by clicking the Check button below.


Cory Elrod

A great singer/songwriter who also plays a mean fiddle. Cory from Alabama USA has been on our record label a number of years now. A great guy, a great musician who hasn’t forgotten his roots. We are proud to have Cory Elrod as part of our musical family.


Ryan Dior

Ryan Dior was signed to our label some time ago and his debut album ‘Look For Me In Rainbows’ has been widely received  worldwide. The album was released to help support his Suicide Prevention Campaign. Ryan tours Eire yearly giving talks on suicide prevention and funds a phone line to offer help and support. You can check out is album at the button below.


Dene Michael

Dene Michael, the other half of the hit pop group Black Lace. We have released a number of great songs from Dene. We feature some on our Soundblitz Records site, you can preview and purchase from the link below. Lifeforce a fantastic song written by Multi Award winner Louis Brown a shot time before he passed away. A great tribute to a really great songwriter.


Laveaux is a Belgium singer/songwriter who has covered many singers on all genres, he was signed to MrBenidorm Records sometime ago and is an accomplished keyboard and guitar player. His recordings sell worldwide in both English and Dutch language.  A selection of his songs can be previewed at the ‘check’ button.

Dave Vernon

Dave Vernon is a singer songwriter who had a big hit in the 60s with ‘Going To America’ since then he has gigged around the world, he loves to cover Johnny Cash and indeed wrote a song about his hero. You can preview some of his songs and download at our ‘check’ link below.


Nancy sings all the oldies and with passion, she absolutely belts out a ballad. On the MrBenidorm label for some years now, we actually discovered her in Benidorm, Spain. We also discovered her now famous grand daughter  Perry Edwards of ‘Little Mix’ fame. When you hear Nancy sing you can see where her grand daughter gets it from. Check out below.
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